Welcome to the Hellotex Company

The best specialists of the area in the same team

Manufacture of clothing and socks only in high quality raw materials

Clothing production
We produce high quality knitwear, underwear, outer clothing, both for wide consumptionand personal and casual orders. Our aim is not only satisfied, but also a loyal customer, and it is possible to achieve not only good products, but also high quality service.

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Socks production
In the modern world, the sock is not only ensure the comfort, but also emphasized the style. Hellotex factory is one of the leaders in the production of the region due to productquality, due to the perfect performance of customer orders and with great opportunitiesof production. We produce a wide variety of socks for men, women

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We create high quality products, that is used and loved by thousands of customers

About us

Our company was founded in 2008, today more than 150 specialists are working on producing your preferred outfit and outerwear. We cooperate with both Armenian and foreign clients and we have a fixed place both in the market and in the hearts of our customers.
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Reliable and effective cooperation.


We value our joint work and wish it continued with the same willingness, enthusiasm and efficiency.


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